Composite Siding and Trim Pre-Finished In YOUR Unique Brand Colors

Composite Siding and Trim Pre-Finished In YOUR Unique Brand Colors

Identity Wood Products has engineered a unique composite siding and trim that comes pre-finished in your company’s color choices. When you order from Identity Wood Products, your Vintage Wood siding and trim will be assigned proprietary color names that coincides with your company's branded theme. Moreover, since every color is uniquely branded to the customer, there are no custom color fees and your branded color is available only to you. See if you can guess who the following are for: Extra Mushroom, Fresh Crust, Baconator, Original Recipe, Colonel's Suit, Barista’s Frother and one of our personal favorites—Pepperoni? The Vintage Wood lineup has the look that you want, that is economical and is backed by a 15 year warranty.

Vintage Wood

When Image Matters

A superior siding option over PVC and fiber cement

  • Based on revolutionary MiraTEC® technology
  • Delivered pre-finished in Sherwin Williams® special coatings
  • Authentic wood grain textures
  • Not prone to thermal expansion
  • Matching aluminum trim with corner options
  • More cost efficient, short or long term
  • Resistant to moisture
  • 100% silica free - Cutting fiber cement releases silica - A known carcinogen
  • Handles like wood, no special tools required.
  • Cost 30 - 50% less to install, paint and maintain

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